West Houston Christian Sports Association

WHCSA Introduction
The many West Houston Schools and churches that participate in the league are committed to emphasizing development over competition, but don’t be misled, we play hard! The league also has a strict set of Ethics and Behavior guidelines for both players and parents. WHCSA is a volunteer organization. Certified referees officiate at all games beginning at the first grade level. Coaches officiate in the Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten divisions.

Everyone is Welcome 
Approximately 33% of our players are Valley Oaks students or children from neighborhoods near St. Mark. Our program is open to all Pre-K to 4th grade children in the area.

WHCSA Coaches
All teams are coached by volunteers typically parents of players. Our coaches are what make our teams successful and we are always looking for coaches and assistant coaches. We can train you and pair you with an experienced coach to show you the ropes. Many of our coaches started at the Kindergarten level and have stayed with the same team and learned on the way up. For the safety of our players, all coaches are required to submit to a criminal background check.

Games/Practice Days
Games are played on Saturday mornings to early afternoon (9 am, 10:30 am, 12 pm, 1:30 pm, or 3 pm) at WHCSA school campuses in the west Houston area. Weekly practices are scheduled by the team coach based on his/her schedule and field availability.

Parent Involvement
Our league functions because of involved parents. We need volunteer coaches (head coach and assistant coaches for each team) and Team Mom(s). Contact Tyler Thompson for more information at tthompson@stmarkhouston.org or 713 255 3629.